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About Deep Nucleus

Deep Nucleus is a startup company based in Hyderabad

It is a company of passionate mobile application developers, app designers, and UI/UX experts who "Transform Incredible Ideas into Amazing Apps" and provide a better experience to the users. We build future-ready and sustainable products based on our broad range of capabilities, including marketing, design, engineering, and emerging technologies.

While developing the application we do heavy Consumer research and competitor analysis and then create hot products for our wide range of users. We redesign and reimagine the process of making applications. We aim to deliver apps with a good UI/UX experience.

Our upcoming product is a classified app, which has an exceptionally good UI/UX interface. We will name that app “Truelist”.Truelist will be a revolution in the classified industry as we did lots of user research and competitive analysis while creating that app.

Apart from the classified industry, we are also planning to enter the finance segment.

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